At 7/12/2002, you wrote:
>Couldn't find a way for changing resolution,
>for png-image create with gd.
>Default resolution of gd is 72dpi.
>Created picture is a barcode.
> From TTF - Font.
>thanks for help and hints.

Hi Robert,

If your intention is to use dpi in order to offer different sizes for 
printing (from web browser): you can go around that by just recreating the 
images from TTF straight to correct pixel resolution, i.e you could ask 
user the target dpi and create a new image for that dpi.

Web browsers usually ignore dpi. Dpi is just a number which is attached to 
the photo in order to suggest a printing size (dots per inch). 100x100 
photo with dpi 200 will print .5 inch on paper, and 100x100 photo with dpi 
10 will print 10 inch on paper.

Personal computer monitors and internet browsers don't use dpi, they just 
place one pixel on selected resolution matrix. The talk "Mac is 72" and "PC 
is 96" has no meaning because screen dpi changes with resolution and 
monitor image size adjustments.

Pekka Saarinen

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