Howdy group,

   Over the past couple of days I have come under some fire for my "style"
of coding, most particularly the use of PHP scripts to process information
between "pages" or interfaces shown to various users. An example;

   An agent goes to an interface that reveals a list of customers from a
database. These customers have provided referrals which now reside in a
database. The agent selects a referral which is processed by an intermediary
script which sets a flag in the database saying that "this agent" is, has,or
will be contacting this referral (to prevent duplicate contact). Then this
redirects to the referral's interface where the details about this referral
are revealed.

    Interface A
   | Customer   |
   | Submitted  |
   | Referral   |
         |        +------------------+
         +------->| PHP Script       |
                  | (for processing) |
    Interface B             |
   +------------+           |
   | Referral   |           |
   | Info       |<----------+

While this is a rather simplistic example (I use some intermediary scripts
that are much more complex, some that call other script if the situation
warrents it) I have found that for many applications this makes the code
easier to maintain, gives me a way ID certain processes when something
breaks (I use a lot of error logging), and also prevents some code from
being aborted by the user when the results of doing something like that
might be undesirable.

I know that this might start a holy war, but it is likely that discussion on
this would enhance all of our coding styles. I realize that this may not
help me strengthen my position with regards to the fire I have come under,
but I had to ask. Thoughts?



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