>From what I can understand, I can only use PDI to put PDFs in the
background, not use the actual elements from the PDF?

I have created a PDF with a table with two cells in one row. The cells have
the text "cell1" and "cell2".
I run this PDF through the PDI.
Now, can I replace the texts "cell1" and "cell2" with "tobias" and
"talltorp", or do I have to place this text "on top of" the original PDF?

Hope this explanation makes any sence :)

// Tobias

> Only using the commercial PDI library from pdflib.com

> > Is it possible to produce a PDF, use it as a template and populate
> > predefined sections of it from a database?
> > The PDFs I want to create are a little too complex for me to produce
> > scratch.

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