I might have expressed the problem wrongly, if you have lets suposse you 
$obj = new foo();
And some might return an "exception" object.

The problem is that some may call a lot of other methods from foo and I 
don't want to check if the return value of each method call is an exception.


function some() {
   $x = $this->other_method();

If other_method produces an exception then I want the exception returned 
directly to the "some" caller without the need to check in the "Some" 
method if "other_method" returned a normal "x" or an exception object...

Alberto Serra wrote:
> Привет!
> Garland Foster wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I'm porting Java Code to PHP, my question is: What is the best 
>> approach to emulate Java exceptions in PHP4? (I know ZE2 adds 
>> exceptions but I can't wait).
> If the exceptions you have to manage are code generated at runtime you 
> actually may simply write your own manager. Have a root class  with a 
> method called
> Function exception($yourparms) {
>   treat exception here;
> }
> Game over, since everybody inherits from your root class you can manage 
> whatever you want your own way. It's objects, so work in OO and forget 
> about java lingo.
> Mind you, it won't manage a parse error, that's for sure.
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