I am making a faq maintenance system using mysql and php.
To insert a entry in to a faq table i am using the following query:
INSERT INTO faq_table_netvd (id,question,
 VALUES ('0','$frm[question]',
now the problem is when $frm[question] has some string like: "why i can't
i get the following error:
MySQL Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax near 't eat?' ,answer =
'Please recheck the power of your specs:)' ' at line 3.Putting a '\' before
' (e.g. \')solves my problem...but when i open the same quesion to edit it,
again i have to put backslashes where ever i find " ' "  in the quesion or

Can anyone please suggest a solution to this.

thanx and regards


[please ask if i havent explained the problem fully]

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