> Use full path for every filename.

I have now changed my code to do this, see below.

> Use ls -als to figure the permissions on each file.

I am running this on a windows box for now, and although I have cygwin and
can run ls and chmod, they don't seem to have any affect on the actual
permissions.  From an NT perpsective, I have given the local system account
(which Apache runs as) full permissions on the folder in question.  Thing
is, I am running a tar command before I run bzip and this manages to create
a file in this folder without any problems - wouldn't that too fail if it
was apermissions problem?

> If the "World" user (last of the three) can't do the thing to the file
> (read/write/execute) that you want PHP to do, then PHP can't do it.

This appears to be the case, but as I have said, I can't seem to get write
perms set via cygwin :-(

Here is my modified code...

   $data = implode ("", file ("$filename.tar"));
   if ($DEBUG) echo "BZip filename: ".$SITE_ROOT."/$filename.bz2<br>";
   $bz = bzopen ($SITE_ROOT."/$filename.bz2", "wb");
   bzwrite ($bz, $data);
   bzclose ($bz);



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