Ok, here's the situation:

I've got a script that's catching a backdoor post from Verisign. The 
script then generates an XML file based on the information that's posted. 
The goal being to make Verisign and our online accounting system pseudo-
integrated so that as soon as a post comes through Verisign, the 
information is passed along to the accounting system and added to the 
ledger, saving us the time required to manually post those entries. 

So the XML file is written correctly now, and we've tested it by 
uploading it manually. 

The next step here is to pass that XML file from our server to the 
accounting system's server, where it'll be processed. The way the system 
is set up, they have a DLL that catches a form posted from a browser that 
also attaches the file. I'm hoping to use that same DLL to post from our 

I've been trying to read up on socket functions, but all I can find are 
the function formats listed on the PHP.net documents. That's great for 
reference, not so great for learning how it's done. 

I don't need an answer on how to pass the file, but I would appreciate 
some help in the way of a pointer to where I can go to read up on how I 
can accomplish this. Is there a particular tutorial I can read that's 
relevent? Perhaps a sample script available that I can peruse to see how 
someone did something similar? 

Any help would be appreciated. 


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