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I hope you are not really living in the early 70's, are you?

Ricardo Fitzgerald wrote:
> Hi,
> I started with PHP and MYSQL a while ago and now I've been involved in
> a huge database project with ORACLE. 

Have the Oracle box do most of it. Make sure that:
1) there is  a well defined API for external application (including your
PHP client) to access data. This *must* written an paper and documented.
No code writing prior to this.
2) all about referential integrity is done within Oracle
3) use triggers and SPs to enforce data consistency (handle with care, 
they load the db server if used unproperly)
4) find a good DBA to maintain the system (Oracle can degrade quite 
dramatically if not properly maintained)
5) interact very little with the DB, to avoid loading its server. (That 
is, call an SP, get the result set from a tmp table)
6) avoid locking as much as you can
7) Prey the current Oracle bugs are not too evil.
8) get ready to say good bye to your vacations.
9) ask for a paycheck raise



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