I'm looking for some type of file storage / browsing script to park on an
Intranet site. I need to have people log in and be presented with a listing
of files stored on the server along with other info such as dates/times,
description, author and perhaps some versioning abilities. The files
themselves should be stored on disk and the "metadata" about the files
inside a database (MySQL preferred but Postgres is OK). All the db should
house is a "pointer" to the path of the file on the server's disk. I'd like
them to be categorized by topic or subject area (network, sales, finance,
etc) and have some type of search interface to locate them. If general users
can have the ability to upload it would be nice if there were some type of
permissioning on who can view/edit/save docs back to the server/database. If
it could have some type of version control (CVS preferred) that would be

Anyone have any pointers to existing scripts? What would this type of
application be called? A document repository perhaps?

Thanks in advance,

Darren Young

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