On Saturday 13 July 2002 13:45, Liam MacKenzie wrote:
> If I enter (My IP) it works, I'm allowed in and any other IP
> isn't.
> However, I need to grant access to this whole network, not just me.  So I
> need 192.168.0.* to be able to access it, everyone else should get "Access
> Denied"
> So I need to know how to write this bit:
> $localip = "";
> so that it's the network, not just me.
> I tried these but they didn't work:
> $localip = "";
> $localip = "192.168.0.*";
> $localip = "";

In this particular case all you need to do is check that the ip address 
($REMOTE_ADDR) begins with "192.168.0.". So look in the manual to see which 
of the string function(s) you need to perform this comparison (probably 

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