I'm having some difficulties setting the include path for two of my 
sites.  I had this working previously on a PHP3 server with the command in 
the .htaccess file:

php3_include_path ".:/path/to/account/root/"

However, I seem to be unable to set the include path with two new sites - 
one running PHP 4.1.2, the other using PHP 4.2.0.

I've gone through the settings listed on the PHP Configuration page:

Yet none seem to work.

php_value include_path ".:/path/to/account/root"
php_include_path ".:/path/to/account/root/"
php4_include_path ".:/path/to/account/root/"

Could someone please shed some light on this subject?  I'm in a sort of 
bind as my client desperately needs their site up for a week long sporting 
event that just began this past Friday (yesterday).

Thanks in advance

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