on 13/07/02 7:35 AM, Andy ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> I am wondering if there is a possiblity that some browsers like IE 5.1 do
> not accespt cookies by default. I am working on a session management system
> and some users report that they have not been able to login because the
> cookie has been rejected. They are running IE 5.1 Mac (and maybe PC as well)
> Are there any known problems?

Sure!  For starters, ANYONE could turn off cookies at ANY TIME, perhaps by
accident, perhaps out of fear, perhaps out of ignorance, perhaps because
they're on a shared computer, etc etc.

But to answer your question, every version of IE I've ever loaded onto my
Mac (currently 5.1) has had cookies on by default.

To really answer your question, you need to:

a) not rely on cookies -- pass the session ID around in the url

b) look at compiling PHP with enable_trans_sid, which does this for you

c) test for cookies, and explain to those without that your site requires
them, explain how to access them/turn them on, and perhaps provide a small
subset of content or alternatives for those who won't/can't use them.

Justin French

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