On Sunday 14 July 2002 09:20, Tim Luoma wrote:

> and this is what I was trying to use to remove the space and punctuation
> (all one line, might wrap in email):
> $SAFEFILENAME = ereg_replace ("[[:punct:]]+[[:blank:]]+", "", $FILENAME);
> But that does not seem to be working, and I have not been able to figure
> out why.

What the above seems to be doing is replace:

 a series of one or more punctuation marks FOLLOWED BY
 a series of one or more spaces

Which is not what you want. Presumably anything which isn't alphanumeric is 
classed as either space or punctuation? If so:

I prefer preg_replace so try:

  $SAFEFILENAME = preg_replace('/[^a-zA-Z0-9]/', '', $FILENAME);

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