>I use PHP to upload files to the web server via web browser.  However, I can
>not delete the files later cause the Redhat linux server running on safe
>mode. Do I have to changed the owner of the file during the file uploading
>Please let me know how to solve this problems.

The files are going to get deleted unless you do something in the upload
script to save/store/copy them.

There is no problem. :-)

If, after you have created/moved them, you can't delete them, then you need
to have done stuff like:


and have the correct settings on the source/destination directory
permissions to get the files in the state that you want them in -- Whether
that's deleting via a cron job, or manually or letting PHP do it.

Be warned that if PHP can delete them, so can anybody else on the shared
server who wants to write a PHP script to delete them, unless you've
configured PHP specially to run as a specific user, which is unlikely for
most ISP setups.

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