>I have searched the archive for a message subject
>something like "PHP Wish List" and was unsuccessful.

Depends who does the wishing :-)

The first time I compiled PHP, I tried to throw in almost everything that
sounded remotely interesting.

That was incredibly time-consuming and frustrating.

I didn't even really understand what half that crap was, and then I had to
go download and install and configure it and kick the tires on each one,

By the time I got so frustrated with it all, there was *ALREADY* a new
version of PHP out.  (It's not like I didn't have other stuff to do...)

So when I started over with that version I only compiled in the stuff I
*KNEW* I would have time to mess with in the next six months.

It don't matter what you choose, but choose only the stuff you're gonna need
FOR SURE in the next six months.

If it turns out you were wrong, it's no big deal to download/compile/install
one more toy, after you've been playing awhile.

Oh yeah -- Be sure to compile it as a CGI as well.  You'll need that for
cron jobs sooner than you think, and it's way easier when you still have the
shell with the up arrow :-)

Actually, I always put my configure line in a chmod 700 shell script so I
can just use it again.

I know PHP writes one out, but it's got all those quotes and stuff, and I
like one I can just read.

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