>I need to query a database and return a resultset. A php script will then 
>sort through the data and send the data to the browser in the form of a table.
>Is it possible to gather the the results with html tags and store them in a 
>variable so that the results can be emailed to someone? If so, how would 
>this be done?

Do as much of the sorting/searching in SQL as you can.  MUCH faster.

Use the mail class from http://phpclasses.org to do the html-enhanced email.

WARNING:  Many readers will simply *TRASH* your "enhanced" email.  Re-think
your priorities.

Collecting your HTML in a variable is easy:

  $html = '';
  # Get db stuff
  $html .= "<TABLE>\n";
  # Loop through results{
    $html .= "<TR><TD>$x</TD><TD>$y</TD><TD>$z</TD></TR>\n";
  $html .= "</TABLE>\n";

It's just like doing everything with "echo", only not. :-)

You may want to echo some stuff out as well, so you know what's happening...

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