base64 doesn't have a key, so anyone could decode the string, which is
obviously not desirable :)

thanks anyway


on 15/07/02 2:00 PM, James Cox ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> sorry to step in, but did you consider base64_[encode|decode] ?
> -- james
>> Justin French wrote:
>>> Well, that was on my local test server, which I didn't compile with
>>> mcrypt... so that solves that, but it appears my ISP didn't
>> compile with it
>>> either... so there's very little point in getting my local
>> server working
>>> with it.
>>> What alternatives do I have?
>> I don't *think* PHP includes any builtin-by-default, non-one-way
>> encryption functions, but I haven't looked in a long time so I could be
>> wrong. You might be able to get your ISP to install mcrypt itself which
>> has a command line utility. Then you could use passthru() I suppose.
>> Joe
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