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On Monday, July 15, 2002, 5:13:35 PM, "andy" wrote:
> ok sounds logical. Don't have any experiance on doing anything nntp related
> in php.
> There are some questions I am wondering about:
> - do I have to compile php with a special flag to do this?

You can do it 2 ways: either using the sockets or with the IMAP functions. I'm
not too sure about sockets, but the IMAP function require the IMAP module to be

> - how is it possible to run a php script periodicly?

Depends on your OS. If you're on Linux or similar then use cron. If you're on
Windows NT/2k, use AT. If you're on Windows 9x IIRC there is a scheduler in the
control panel.

There are 2 ways to run PHP scripts from the command line. The first (and my
personal choice since it's cleaner) is to install the CGI version of PHP. The
second is to use something like lynx or wget to run the script via the standard
http interface in which case you need to consider the security aspects of this

> - can you mak a short example how to read from a nntp server?

I've never done it so I don't have any examples to hand, but I'm sure there are
some examples out there. 'Ave a Google. Google is everyones best friend.


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