Yes, everyone please join up!  I would love to find more developers in the Maryland 
area, and I'm sure others would in their areas as well!  Let's do the great american 
get togeth... err... the great php get together!

Martin Clifford
Developer's Forums:

>>> "Jay Blanchard" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 07/15/02 03:20PM >>>
No, it's not a dating service.... :)
Want to meet other PHP developers in your area? Check out: 

Pretty nifty idea... especially given the lack of user groups in the U.S.

I thought for others who had not seen this I would post this. There is
probably already a user group in your area if you live near a major city.
According to the web site
[] there 189 PHP user
groups in 52 countries.

I have seen some users groups mentioned, which is outstanding. PHP Meetup is
gaining lots of ground with 105 members at last check. Top 5 cities are...

Manhattan (below 42nd St) (5 members)
London, England (4 members)
Ann Arbor, MI (3 members)
Melbourne (3 members)
Washington DC (3 members) [actually tied with Philadelphia, PA and Orange
County, CA]

And I finally saw another San Antonio member. Just want to keep this fresh
in everyone's mind. If you know of other developer lists where php is
discussed please forward this along.



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