>i'm new and i'm trouble with this code :'( can U help me please ??

This would be much easier if you told us what was going wrong...

I'll point out the ones I see, but it's just a guessing game (not a very fun
guessing game).

>while ($cd_tbl = mysql_fetch_array ($result))

>if(is_int("$cd_id") = TRUE)

This will never be TRUE...

"$cd_id" *FORCES* $cd_id to be a string.

And, actually, you want == here, not =
The = is used to store a value in something.
The == is used to test for equality

Since it comes from the database, $cd_id will probably always be a string

You can't do this:

>echo "<td bgcolor="$bgcolor"><font face=Verdana size=1><b>$cd_id</b></font></td>";
      ^            ^^       ^                                               
      |            |\       |                                               
PHP sees        And  \      Way too confused by now...
this as the     this  \
beginning       is the \
of a string.    *END* of\
                that     This is junk...

You want:

echo "<td bgcolor=\"$bgcolor\"><font face=Verdana

Or, since HTML accepts ' as well as ", so long as they are 'matched'

echo "<td bgcolor='$bgcolor'><font face=Verdana

Or, if you only care about browsers working, and not some pie-in-the-sky W3C
proclamation of style:

echo "<td bgcolor=$bgcolor><font face=Verdana

You should, however, realize that many, many, many people will *NOT* have
Verdana font installed.
They will see that icky Times font.
You can list multiple fonts:

echo "<td bgcolor=$bgcolor><font face=Verdana,Helvetica,Arial

'Course, if you start putting spaces in the font, you *NEED* the quotes:

echo "<td bgcolor=$bgcolor><font face='Verdana,Comic sans,Helvetica,Arial'

You may also want to tack \n at the end of every string, so when you do
"View Source" in your browser, you can see something intelligible.

echo "<td bgcolor=$bgcolor><font face=Verdana

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