>With Jigsaw's debug facility Enabled, I get two lines on the page and the
>same two lines (without html tags of any sort) in "view source" display:
>X-Powered-By: PHP/4.2.1
>Content-type: text/html

If these two lines are showing up in the BROWSER, then something is pretty

They're supposed to be headers...

So something could be sending out a blank line or something before these,

If they are just showing up in debugging output, and they *ARE* headers,
then PHP *IS* getting invoked, and then dying when it tries to execute your

Try using *JUST* this in your PHP document:

<?php phpinfo();?>

It's pretty hard to screw up something that short, so you'll know the PHP is
valid :-)

And, if it works, you get a wonderfully long HTML document spewed out.  It's
so fun to type so little and get so much :-)

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