> PHP is compiled with PostgreSQL support but I can not connect. I get
> this error message What does it mean and what do I need to do to fix
> it
> Warning: pg_connect() unable to connect to PostgreSQL server: connectDB()
> -- connect() failed: Connection refused Is the postmaster running (with -i)
> at 'localhost' and accepting connections on TCP/IP port '5583'? in
> /home/sites/home/web/test/test.php on line 2

either your postmaster is not running... or your postmaster does not 
accept TCP/IP connections... read the documentation for PostgreSQL 
Installation it has tons of info there for your convenience...

try editing your pg_hba.conf file for postgreSQL... so it will accept
tcp IP connections:

host         all         <IP>       trust

where IP is the ip address of the host that will access the postgreSQL
database at the server.

i hope i got it right

Lejanson C. Go, SDE I

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