> > Failed opening '/var/www/html/BOOKS/newbooks.php' for inclusion
 > > (include_path='.:/php/includes:/usr/share/php') in Unknown 
 > on line 0
 > > 
 > > I am getting the following error, when the file 
 > newbooks.php is invoked.
 > > The first lines in this entire file starts with the <?php 
 > tag, followed by
 > > 4 lines of comments. What could be the problem here.

At a guess I'd say you've got something in your code that looks
something like this:


You'll need to check the 'some/path' bit to see if that is where the
file 'newbooks.php' is actually stored. Making another guess based on
the above I'd also check that 'BOOKS' is the right directory name,
particularly keeping in mind that 'BOOKS' is a completely different
directory to 'Books' and to 'books' on a unix system.

CYA, Dave

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