Jack wrote:

>Dear all
>I had a folder which the path is : (\\nedcoraa\pdf_reports\dealing
>room\report) it stores a lot of PDF reports in there.
>I'm trying to use the file_exists() function to detect if a specific file
>exist in this folder, but i got a problem is :
>It seems that php can go through (\\nedcoraa\pdf_reports) but it can't go
>through (dealing room) folder. i had made test on it, i moved a file into
>(\\nedcoraa\pdf_reports), then php can detect it, but if i move it to
>(\\nedcoraa\pdf_reports\dealing room), then it can't detect the file! why?
>I'm using php in windows NT IIS environment!
I think you will need to escape the space, usually with a \


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