Just an idea, I'll point it out algorithmically coz it would take
me a bit of time to sketch the code...  Here goes and my
appologies if this is not what you want..

Would it not work if you targeted the next application
to open up in window y...  The problem is that you said
you want it to be in the same domain...  If you allowed for
a different subdomain, you could have a php script in
the file that runs X generating Code that is written to
a file that runs Y...  using fputs($fileY, $StartASessionForY);
Then start spitting out Code for y using a write function or a
fputs function...  If you wanted to use the same domain
name this might (I am still kind of iffy on this), if you stuck
in a couple of if statements and left both sessions running...
the y session is triggered if a certain logical test is passed...

I hope this leads you towards the light...

"Divyank Turakhia" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I have a situation where I have one browser window open for lets say web
> application 'x'. Now I want my user to goto application 'y' on the same
> domain in a new browser window by passing the authentication information
> from application 'x' to application 'y'. I obviously donot want my
> session variables to be continued in application 'y'. But at the same
> time I donot want to destroy the session of my application 'x'
> Since they r in two COMPLETELY separate browser windows, both sessions
> should logically be separate. But for some reason IE & netscape take a
> new window in the same Instance.
> Is there any way I can open a new browser instance, such that the same
> session is not continued and a new session in created leaving the old
> session as it is?
> Or is there any other work around for the same?
> - Divyank

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