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>> Would anyone know of any PHP training or courses in Australia...
> Luke and Laura :-) run a fabulous PHP program through the Royal Mumble Iblle
> T-something...
> Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology?
>> Also for the devolopers...
>> Is there at present, or a future plan for a PHPCE
>> A certified engineer :)
>> Just a thought since everyone else has them....
> Enh.  I mean, to me, an MCSE proves nothing of any value, really.  That's
> just my opinion, though.

It provides the developer with a piece of paper, in theory certifying that
the developer is somewhat qualified.

A PHPCE would have the same value -- not a total waste, but not exactly a
guarantee of a decent programmer... a proven track record on related
projects and skills is a better guarantee.

The other --although totally superficial-- benefit is a few letters after
your name, and a few more things for freelancers to brag about when
attempting to prove they're good enough.

If there was a PHPCE, I'd probably take it just "because".

Justin French

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