Yeah, that's what I was thinking.  Mostly I was curious if the procedure
I mentioned was a good one or if there was something better to be doing.
Thanks for the super quick reply.  :)


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Unless the file is getting retartedly big (10-20K), then I wouldn't
separate them.  Though if you have enough functions, you could justify
making separate files for your database functions, output functions,
backend functions, etc.

Martin Clifford
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>>> [EMAIL PROTECTED] 07/16/02 04:59PM >>>
Hello everyone, I'm a newbie and have a question on style that I've not
seen addressed anywhere.  I have a large number of frequently used
functions that I'm trying to find a good way to organize.  The method
I'm thinking of using is to simply create a .php file called, for
example, functions.php.  Then, just include the file at the top of each
page that needs any of the functions, and just call them as needed.  My
question is this- if that file gets very large with tons of different
functions, is that an inefficient method?  I'm not entirely clear on how
PHP is parsed and passed to the client.  I assume it would be best to
divide up the functions into multiple files (ex. dbfunctions.php, etc.),
but is that still the best method?  Basically, I'm just curious on how
you guys handle things like this.
Thanks in advance.
Michael Kennedy

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