Hello ,

I am trying to call a cgi script from a PHP script and get it to return
some data.
I am using the script below but it does not seam to work.
The cgi script (or I should say function) I am trying to call is in a
perl pm file. I have include a copy of the function I am trying to
call. Does anybody know what I am doing wrong.

$username= "sdfsfs";
$cmd="/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.005/Email.pm::mail_virtuser_get_byuser $username";
echo $returndata;

sub mail_virtuser_get_byuser
# Parses a list of aliases a user owns
# Arguments: username
# Return value: Array of aliases
        my($username) = @_;
        my(%virtuser) = Email::mail_virtuser_list_alias();
        foreach $alias (keys %virtuser) {
            push(@alii,$alias) if ($virtuser{$alias} eq $username);

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