Please forgive me, I am still rather new to coding in PHP.  I have looked up
this problem on the site, and check my syntax, but I am just not
getting it.

Here is my problem:
 I am working on an email page that will vaildate that there is content in
the variables, and respond if there is not.  Here is the code to check the

                If (empty ($sndrname)) {
                   $error_report_msg = "Please provide a contact name.<br>";
                   break 1;

When this is run, the server returns the expected output, but adds the
following below it:

Fatal error: Cannot break/continue 1 levels in
/home/igraph/public_html/rhc/inforeq.php on line 82

Line 82 is the break statement. This code was working at one, time, and I
changed nothing other than PHP versions.  Is there is change due to the
versions that I didn't find?

W. Andy Roche

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