Awhile back I was asking for just what I'm reading here:


Some snippets to give you an idea what you will find on that page:

> Another mistake I see around a lot is people writing scripts that will
> not work if register_globals is off. In the next release of PHP
> register_globals will be off by default, so you need to start writing
> your scripts with this in mind.

> <?php
> $name = 'Bill';
> echo "<table align=\"center\"><tr><td>My name is
> $name</td></tr></table>"; ?>
> No, don't do that.

> <?=$name?>
> This is a short-hand in PHP for:
> <?php echo $name; ?>

I have come across some of this in the documentation but not in your face like it is 
here (and 
should be).

Does anyone have any more links to articles like that?


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