Check the archives on this...

But you need the executable php

And on top of the file:


#!/usr/bin/php -q

...stuff here

Then chmod the script to be executable and you can run from commandline.
For cron jobs just put it in the cron file and put the path to the file...

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> UNIX gurus:
> How can I get a PHP script to run or execute from a UNIX command line and
> echo the stdout back to the terminal window?
> For example,
> > execute/run??? file.php
> What I really want to do is create a cron job (which I do know how to
> create) for the script. The script doesn't really echo any results back,
> logs its results. The script it too time consuming to be run by having
> someone running the script through a web browser and waiting for it to
> complete.
> Thank you very much.
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