On Wed, 17 Jul 2002, Chris Hewitt wrote:
> Apache comes with ab for load testing. Maybe that will provide you with 
> a means of making meaningful comparisons. There will be a "php" aspect 
> to it, php opposed to say 3-tier java, but also things like is php a 
> cgi, apache module or actually compiled into apache.
> When I hear of sites "going down" I perhaps incorrectly start saying 
> there is something wrong. They should get slower but with connection 
> throttling etc they should never actually crash. Or am I in WonderWorld?

Some resources are easily renewable and others aren't. If your log entries
take up all your drive space (and you share a partition with other more
valuable things), or you have a resource leak (memory, database
connections, etc.), you can quickly grind your server to a halt.


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