> >Chris, thanks for describing your method. The reason I really dislike
> >Functions in PHP is because you have to pass every variable needed by a
> >function, even if that variable is global in the main script, which is a
> >pain in the ass when a function needs a long string of variables. It
> >it easier to forget a variable in the list and can make the code look


> The whole idea behind modularization is that you are creating a "black
> box" so to speak, a chunk of code that performs one function, and one
> function only.  It should present a *minimal* interface to the outside
> world.  This means that if I have a black box that say, gives me the
> current local time in a particular timezone, I should be able to feed
> it the name of the timezone, and it should give me back the current
> time.  I should NOT have to know how it works inside, or care.  I feed
> it one value, and it returns another value.


To add to this. If you're passing too many values to a function, then maybe
that function isn't broken down enough. I remember hearing/reading that if
you need to pass more than, I think, 5 or 6 values to a function, then
you're passing too many.


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