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> I'm looking for a simple was to correct a list of proper nouns given all in
> lower case!
> For example
> given $string="london paris rome";
> I would like "London Paris Rome".
> However there is one cavet; if the word already has a captital anywhere in
> it, it should be left alone!!!
> Is there a soultion using regular expressions?

Yes.  The topics you'll want to look at (in the PCRE chapter of the manual) 
are: case-sensitivity, character classes, capturing subpatterns, and the 
documentation for preg_replace_callback().  One of the things you'll need 
to do is define for yourself what constitutes a "word" for your purposes.  
Does a single letter word get counted as a "word" (i.e. "i")?  Is there any 
non-alphabet character that can validly appear within the thing you call a 
word (i.e. "hi-fi", "mst3k")?  This is why there's no single ready-made 

> Also is there one for removing multiple spaces?
> i..e given "A   B C D E" it would give "A B C D E".

Yes.  Again, character classes will be your friend, as will preg_replace().  
Just decide which of the whitespace characters you mean to include in that 
definition of "multiple spaces"...


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