I have generated a .csv file from a .dat file using a
VB program. Now this .csv file needs to be imported
into my mySQL Database Table on the internet, using

The problem i'm facing is that the file, while
uploading, stops somewhere in the middle. The upload
just gets stuck. 

Possible reasons :

1. Number of rows is too large. About 100000. Does
mySQL Support these many rows? Is yes, is it possible
to upload these many rows from a client to a table on
the internet using phpMyadmin?

2. Internet connection. Due to the mere size of the
file in terms of no. or rows, maybe my internet is not
able to send all the data. I dont' know.

Now can anyone suggest a possibly solution? Can i
break up the file automatically and send or something?

Please help..

T. Edison Jr.

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