I'm doing some reading on sessions and how it works etc, and have a 
concern (which is probably fed by my ignorance on the topic).
The couple of "simple session examples" I have found in the PHP/MySQL 
book by Luke Welling & Laura Thompson gives a simple 3 page session 
example where the session is started on the first page, a variable is 
registered as a session var and then has a link to the next page where 
the session_start() is called and the session_var is echoed to 
illustrate the workings of a session.
My understanding is that PHP will either use cookies to store the 
session ID on the client's pc, or send it via URL, so, assuming that 
cookies is a no-go, can I now assume that PHP will attach it's session 
ID to each and every URL located on my .php page?
The reason I'm asking is as follow:
I did the little excersise, and then deliberately rejected my browsers 
call to process the cookie, and then the script didn't return the 
variable as it did previously...
And now, assuming that I can assume that PHP will attach the SID to all 
URL's , how does it know to which URL's to attach, or am I supposed to 
manually attach them, leaving me with another question, If I have to 
manually code the SID into the URL, then the whole session "coockies if 
possible" approach doesn't seem to work???

Can someone explain it in more detail for me plz?

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