Chris, thanks for describing your method. The reason I really dislike
Functions in PHP is because you have to pass every variable needed by a
function, even if that variable is global in the main script, which is a
pain in the ass when a function needs a long string of variables. It makes
it easier to forget a variable in the list and can make the code look messy.

So, that's why I prefer includes, because the code is operating on the same
level as the main script and can easily use variables set locally without
making them global.

I'll use a function if it only needs one or two variables passed to it, but,
I find myself using more Includes than Functions because of the variable
passing necessary.

Includes vs. Functions? How about includes that have functions, which a lot
of developers do. For instance, I have a function set up for database
connections. I use it by including it with pages that require database
connections. I think this probably should be Functions vs. Blocks of Code
(that might be placed in an included file). Actually I see this as being
potentially messier, IMHO. I will have to remember many variable names that
are used in the included file, rather than passing variables I am using
locally to functions with clearly thought out names. Example;

a. I need a variable to hold this standard deviation result. Since I do the
stdv calculation in the block I included I need to go see what the name of
the variable is and use that, so I don't muck up the code.

b. calcStdDev($myCurrentVariable); oh, I need one for here too so,

I just think that you are selling yourself short, and ultimately your code
will be harder to document and maintain. Using blocks is OK, if that block
can be 'functionalized' I say do it.

For efficiency in processing it really will not make much difference in an
included file whether that file is blocks, or functions.


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