"Keith Roberts" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I am running into a situation where I need some serious help.  My
> environment is:
> Workstation - W2k, Frontpage
> Server - Cobalt RaQ4i, Linux, Apache
> Problem:  I need to access MySQL to display inventory information on the
> page.  When I have modified the httpd.conf file to parse html files
> php, the embedded php code works.  However, FrontPage no longer works and
> Web statisics application will not work (Webalizer).  I know I am not
> setting something correctly, but dang if I know what it is.
> I really need some help on this.  Please realize that I am relatively new
> internet programming, linux, php, etc.  I have done okay so far, but this
> beyond me at this point.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Do you have access to the Server Settings i.e. were you doing this yourself?
If so it might be wise to install PHP as an Apache Module (if you haven't
already done so) - things tend to work much smoother...  Secondly
- not trying to offend you or be conceited but I have to ask this coz no one
on these groups can guess the others comptency level in a particular
aspect -
are you using Front Page simply as an easy non-programmer-type style to
your pages or are you using the coding aspect to it (with line number list
all), if you are using it the former this won't work...  You may also want
check whether files with extension php are set to viewable in Front Page,
I believe this is under Tools...  I personally wouldn't recommend using
Front Page to create PHP ran Web Applications (but that might be coz
I am slow to pickup on how MS products operate)...

Good Luck...

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