At 12:57 PM -0400 7/18/02, Henning Sittler wrote:
>What's the best way to check for an Associative Array?  There is no
>is_assoc() or similiar function listed in the manual (I don't think anyway).

No, because AFAIK all PHP arrays are associative; there is no 
distinction between arrays & hashes as in Perl.

>I'm using mysql_fetch_array() and I want to foreach only the assoc. part of
>the array without using mysql_fetch_assoc():
>foreach ($arr as $key=>$value) {
>       echo "$key:$value";

If you really don't want to use mysql_fetch_assoc(), you can use the 
second parameter of mysql_fetch_array():

        $arr = mysql_fetch_array($ResultHandle, MYSQL_FETCH_ASSOC);

This functions exactly like mysql_fetch_assoc(), and is available in 
PHP >= 3.0.7.


for more info.

>But of course it show both the indexed array and the assoc array contents.
>Is there an existing function to check this, or should I do one of these
>things inside the foreach loop:
>A) set $last=value and just check if $value = $lastval
>B) check if the $key is just a number or just a string
>C) $key += 1

Lastly, you _could_ just step through the array using each() in a 
loop, and use only every OTHER array entry...but this is really funky 
and you shouldn't do it this way anymore.


>?? Thanks,
>Henning Sittler

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