Martin Clifford wrote:
> <a href="content.php?show=TOC" target="b">Click here to see the content</a>

Looks like I was not clear in my question :) This way you just redirect 
*all* the outoput to another target. I need to output at more targets at 
the same time with one link. That is, since links cannot accept multiple 
targets, having my script spawn out a second script that will output to 
the second (third, and so on) target.

> The same applies to JavaScript.

Can't use Jscript at all in this context. The onload event on frame "A" 
would do fine, but what if jscript is not there? Besides, having this 
based an an Onload chain makes it quite slow and the user has the 
impression that only A is changing until the A load process is not over. 
Since b is almost always some sort of menu, this makes pages look weird 
for some seconds on slow connections (that is, one page has the "wrong" 
menu) I need something that will clear and reload both iframes at the 
same time with one single click (and no Jscript).


>>>>Alberto Serra <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 07/18/02 03:12PM >>>
> ??????!
> Is there a way I can decide where to target my output from server side?
> suppose my page has two iframes
> +---++---+
> ! A !! b !
> +---++---+
> while executing a script that is called by A can I spawn another script 
> that will output to "b"? And no, I cant' use any Jscript, but I do know 
> from server side what my target names are (A and b, that is).
> Bear in mind that A and b might be even different windows, but I'd more 
> than happy even if it worked with iframes on a single window.


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