>I'm trying to explode an associative array element in $HTTP_POST_VARS
>retrieved from submitting am html form.  The URL to the form is:
>Now when I try to explode $HTTP_POST_VARS["domains"] it doesn't seem to have
>the desired effect. I use the syntax "$site = explode("
>",$HTTP_POST_VARS["domains"]);" and instead of the expected result of:
>$site[0] = "www.php.net";
>$site[1] = "www.jokaroo.com";
>$site[2] = "www.gnu.org";
>I get: $site[0] = "www.php.net www.jokaroo.com www.gnu.org";
>The value of $HTTP_POST_VARS["domains"] after submitting the form is
>"www.php.net www.jokaroo.com www.gnu.org".  Does anyone have an idea of how
>I can get each domain in a seperate array index?


I *suspect* that you actually have:

<INPUT NAME=domains[] VALUE=www.php.net>
<INPUT NAME=domains[] VALUE=www.jokaroo.com>
<INPUT NAME=domains[] VALUE=www.gnu.org>

If so, then $HTTP_POST_VARS['domains'] is an *ARRAY* already, and doing an
explode on it is just silly.

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