>I am getting random Segmentation faults when I use
>the following script. This does not happen when I run
>scripts that do not include the xslt_process()
>So I am assuming it has something to do with Sablotron and xslt.
>Below is also the back trace with the problem.
>Can anyone suggest a solution or next step?

Usually with these sorts of things, the first thing to check is that the
version of PHP and xslt and Sablotron are all matching up.

Check the output of <?php phpinfo();?> with the actual version of Sablotron
you are running and have installed...  That is, assuming Sablotron is some
kind of outside process or library DSO extension installed into Un*x.

Next, you search http://bugs.php.net and the mailing list archives for your
same error.

After that, you post your error to http://bugs.php.net and pray the
PHP/Sablotron developer[s] find it interesting, challenging, or important
enough to dig into.

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