>I got a problem with refreshing session variables.
>When the following code is run , for the first time
>both $z and $secretstring are showing same values.
>But when page is refreshed, the $secretstring variable
>is still having the old value no matter how many times
>I click refresh. 
>Am I missing some thing  ?

I always put the session_register stuff *before* I start putting stuff into
my variables, but maybe that's just me...

What you are missing, though is that whether you 'unregister' it or not, you
*always* 'register' it again in the next line.

If you expect it to change, you'd need:


>$x = mt_rand (1000,10000);
>$y = mt_rand (1000,10000);
>$text = $x.$y;
>$secretstring =$x.$y;
>echo "<BR>".$text;
>echo "<BR>".$secretstring;

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