Hey, I'm new, but I have some advice.
Do you have to POST? becuase you can use sessions, and PHP has a bunch os
session functions.
Secondly, POST will not attach any variables to the URL, this is done by
To access the POST variables traverse through the $HTTP_POST_VARS (or $_POST
array, i think) to retrieve your values.
But if you can try using sessions, more secure, and as easy to use as POST,
just traverse $HTTP_SESSION_VARS.
"Monty" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> This is probably more of an HTML question... Is there a way to pass
> variables to another page via POST instead of via the URL? I need to pass
> several variables, one that is an array and another that is a fairly long
> string, so, I can't really do this via the URL.
> My initial idea was to just create a very simple form that only has hidden
> fields with the data I want to pass, along with an image Submit button
> would call the page and pass the hidden field variables.
> Is that the only/best way to accomplish this?
> Thanks.
> Monty

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