The password code will be parsed out by PHP, so, it won't be viewable in the
HTML source delivered to the browser.

Some advice: set up a user for your database that has the minimal amount of
access necessary to perform queries or writing to the database and use that
in your scripts. Don't ever use your master MySQL username and password.


> From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Sailom)
> Newsgroups: php.general
> Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 10:03:02 +0700
> Subject: Password in script
> I am new to PHP and MySQL and never have experience in this area.  I am
> writing a PHP script that connects to MySQL server.  I have to put a
> password of MySQL into the PHP script.  I think it may not be secured.  What
> do you think?  How can I make it more secure?  Thanks.

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