I'd use something like:

while (false!==($file = readdir($handle))) {
    if ($file != "." && $file != "..") {
        echo "$file\n";

to retrieve dir listing. If you make a function from it, which you'll give a
path for argument  you can make the script index an entire dir struct. With
is_file() you can check to see if the dirlist entry is a file.

Then, you can split every filename in different parts with something like

$parts = split(".", $filename);

$parts[0] will then have the "abcdefg" part of the filename
$parts[1] will have the timestamp
$parts[2] will have the extension.

I hope that this answers your question. You may want to insert the file data
in a database for easy searching, and run a script to index the dir every
now and then.

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-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
Van: Jack [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Verzonden: vrijdag 19 juli 2002 11:00
Onderwerp: [PHP] How to Detect File in a Specifc Directory on Window

Dear all
I had a folder which contains a lot of pdf file, the name format of the pdf
files are : xxxxx.dateformat.pdf (eg : abcdefg.20020718.pdf).
Now i want to use the php script to detect what files it got in a specific
i want to make a user input form which will let user to input the date and
then i will look for the pdf report from this specific folder base on the
Date given!

I think one of the quickest way is to ask php to check the filename from
"Right to Left" which is the Date format!

But i don't know which php function will perform this task (Check filename
from Right to Left).

If you have any other suggestion, pls help me!

Thx a lot!

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