>the most difference between php 4 and php 5 is the new zend engine - right?

Don't know.  The changes are documented in the ChangeLog available in CVS at
http://cvs.php.net and on pages linked from the home page of PHP

I reckon you can read them as well as I can.

>As far as i know (Alexey Zakhlestine told me) does the new php 4.3 release
>already include zend engine 2. My question is now:
>Will there be a completly new documentation for php 5 (or the new engine)?
>Or will the new functions and the new syntax rules just be added to the
>regular doc? When do you think will the completed doc be online?
>When will php 5 be released?

Past upgrades have remained largely backwards-compatible, and I expect PHP
4.3/5 to also do so.  There will always be exceptions for various reasons.

In the past, upgrades to PHP have simply altered the existing on-line
manual.  I would expect that the next version would also do so, but only the
PHP Documentation team would know for sure.

There will never, ever, be a completed documentation for PHP on-line, or
anywhere else :-)  Generally, the PHP docs "lag" behind the actual functions
by a few weeks or so, depending on who wrote the functions, and how many
people use/need those functions.  Functions with few users and/or more
complicated interfaces may lag woefully behind average.  Feel free to join
the documentation team and reduce this lag time. :-)

I trolled for answers to the "when will PHP 5 happen" in the PHP-Dev list
recently.  Use the archives.  Search for "tea leaves" to find the thread. 
YMMV.  Note that all the answers, if any were public, were "off the record"

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