> I am newbie in PHP. I am just learning the PHP
>through tutorials and this mailing list. I have very
>first goal of doing one project "Design web-based
>survey" using PHP and MySQL. I would appreciate if
>anybody give me some links that help to develope such

Search the code archives linked from http://php.net/links.php

You will doubtless find a *LOT* of web-based Survey packages in varying
stages of complexity and completion within them.

Here, however, is yet another free one to get you started:

    require 'connect.inc';
    # This file is in your home dir and has in it:
    # <?php $connection = mysql_connect('localhost', 'USERNAME',
    # Change your include_path in .htaccess or php.ini PHP can find that
    $answer = substr($answer, 0, 1);
    $answer = strtolower($answer);
    if ($answer != 'y'){
      echo "Wrong answer.<BR>\n";
    $query = "insert into answers (answer) value('$answer')";
    $insert = mysql_query($query, $connection) or error_log(mysql_error());
    if (!$insert){
       "Unable to record your answer.  Ask the site administrator to read
his Apache error_log.<BR>\n";
      echo "Thanks for filling out our Survey!<BR>\n";
    if (!isset($answer) || $answer != 'y'){
          Should I have searched the archives and code repositories before
posting to PHP-General?<BR>
          <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=answer VALUE=n> No<BR>

PS  The logical error some readers will think they have spotted on lines 10
and 21 is not, in fact, a bug at all. :-)

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