Hi all
I try to automatically process cc payment. I use online clearing via a 
third party
--> so what I have to do:
1. SSL-TCP/IP connection to this third party-server
2. perform basic http authentication
3. send authorization request parameters to the software (via POST or GET)
4. receive + parse authorization response

1-3 is not a real problem, but how can I receive the response, before it 
is printed out to the browser/screen? I know I should get the response 
string into a variable so the whole procedure is "silent", but how?

thanks a lot for every little help!


dominic brander

dominic brander - snowflake productions gmbh - http://www.snowflake.ch
tel. 01 451 75 71 - fax. 01 451 63 80 - mobile 076 543 17 94

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