> From: Matt Babineau [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] 
> Sent: Monday, July 22, 2002 3:59 PM
> Subject: [PHP] What does register_globals do?
> I have never had a clear understanding about what this does, 
> the php.ini
> has an explanation but being newer to PHP I don't understand it very
> well. Could someone prodive a human explanation about what
> register_globals does and why it is so important?

Register globals makes it *really* easy to code in php.  It's what takes the uri or 
posted form data, and turns them into global variables in your script.  

So if a url looked like:

and with register-globals on, php will create a variable, $target, which has the value 
'help' in it.  It's very useful and friendly but, if you don't initialize your 
variables then some non-so-nice person could initialize them for you by passing them 
on the uri/post/cookie/etc so that your code no longer works as expected.
You're safe with it on if you always initialize variables, and set error_reporting to 
E_ALL while testing so you catch any you might otherwise miss.

If you leave it off, you need to use the associative arrays $_POST, $_GET etc.  The 
above example would be $_GET['target'].

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